Growing in the Asia-Pacific Marketplace (Part 2)

Orion Marketing’s Stephen Perrenod has posted part II of his feature on Growing Business in the Asia Pacific marketplace:

It is important to consider each country on its own as one formulates and implements a go to market strategy. Success has to be built one country at a time. Relationships are exceptionally important in this part of the world. Asians have long lasting cultural, national, ethnic and religious identities and to succeed here, building relationships over time is essential. We need to do our homework and become as familiar as possible with the countries and cultures in which we do business. It is especially useful to become familiar with the etiquette in different countries so that you don’t cause offense or embarrass yourself. They typically won’t tell you what you did wrong! Most of you have Asians or Asian Americans in your companies; don’t forget to take advantage of their cultural knowledge of their particular nations and their contacts in the region.

Read the Full Story or jump back to Part I.

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