Video: PerfectSearch Startup Does Big Data Search


In this slidecast, Tim Stay from PerfectSearch describes the company’s ultra-efficient search appliance software that is tailor-made for Big Data.

PerfectSearch’s patented software enables search up to a billion documents using a single private cloud appliance. Compared to other solutions that can require more than 10 times the number of servers, the PerfectSearch powered by Fujitsu solution is powerful and economical—even compared to open-source solutions, with lower equipment cost and fewer servers that reduce energy, replacement and administrative costs. Companies now have a cost-effective solution to index and search all content is searchable with a single query. The PerfectSearch powered by Fujitsu appliance uses unique technology that uses disk based indexing rather than memory, requiring a fraction of the hardware—realizing up to a 90% reduction in search-related hardware. These innovations built into the solution permit high-speed retrieval, drastically reduced hardware footprints, and extensive customization.

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Video: Microsoft Partners With RocketSpace to Give Startups a ‘Boost’

In this video, Lauren Gores describes how Microsoft is among the first companies to join the RocketSpace Corporate Ambassador Program. The two companies aim to give startups advice and education.

We know the startup scene is changing – capital requirements are lower, entrepreneurs abound, and open APIs and services can reduce development times,” Microsoft said in a blog post. “The days of heavy infrastructure requirements and massive overhead to create world-changing tech are behind us.”

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Video: Why You Shouldn’t Launch in the Press

In this video, Eric Ries opines that the press is wrong place to launch a Startup.

It’s really an important point. We try to teach entrepreneurs not to launch in the press, with all due respect. When you’re iterating and making mistakes and failing, you want to do that in private. You want to take advantage of the fact that you’re an obscure new startup and no one’s ever heard of you but a pathetically small number of customers. That’s actually a real asset. Take advantage of it. Do the big publicity push after you’ve already figured out how to build a sustainable business. We call it the ‘product launch’ when you put the product in front of customers — and you should do that as soon as possible — but do the marketing launch — when you’re pounding your chest and talking about how great you are — as late as possible.”

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