Do Non-Tech Startups Stand a Chance?

Are Non-Tech Startups a waste of time? Patrick FitzGerald writes that since techie Startups get all the attention, the non-techs need the following baselines covered if they want to attract an audience and capital:

  1. Uniqueness. A vending machine for movies (Redbox). A reverse ATM which provides cash for your old electronics (Ecoatm). Quick, easy, but above all else, unique.
  2. Painkiller. A device that translates and stores all of your receipts (Neat). Not a placebo, but a universally understood solution to a massive annoyance/problem.
  3. Simplicity. A parent friendly retail toy store where everything is under $5 (FiveBelow). Parents get it, kids love it. Nothing more, nothing less.

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One thought on “Do Non-Tech Startups Stand a Chance?

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