Video: Debunking Myths of Entrepreneurship

In this video, Eric Ries from the Lessons Learned blog discusses the keys to Startup success.

A startup is not a “doll house” version of a larger enterprise. It’s a human institution trying to start something new under extreme conditions of uncertainty, says author Eric Ries. It’s not that some founders have better ideas than others, and this is what dictates success. What differentiates a successfully launched enterprise is one who can unearth the best ideas under duress – those who can find “the pivot”- the point of reinvention when they realize that their original ideas need retooling. And, more critically, that they can find their market before they run out of money.

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Video: Entrepreneurs Invent the Future Aboard the StartupBus


In this video, Robert Scoble takes a ride on the StartupBus.

StartupBus is an invitation-only community of hackers, hustlers and hipster passionate about startups. We are best known for our annual competition where we bring new people into our community, by doing a hackathon on a bus that’s traveling 60 miles an hour towards Austin in time for SxSW. In 2012, StartupBus will be launching 10 buses from different regions, bringing together the best talent from across the country.

There’s still room for new riders in 2012 with 10 busses from all over the USA. Read the Full Story.

Startup’s Cube Computer to Borg Your Office

Jonathan Blum from Entrepreneur magazine writes that this tiny cube from a Startup called Xi3 Technologies might be your next office PC.

Each Xi3 device is made up of three separate modules: one for the processor, one for how the unit communicates on a network and a third for power. This means you can upgrade any of these components — say, to swap out for a faster processor — with little effort. Just unscrew the back panel, slide out the required part, put the hatch back on and you’re done.

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How to Acquire an Existing Domain Name

You’ve got the perfect idea for a Startup, but what if someone already has the perfect domain name that you wanted? Julian Shapiro from NameLayer writes that there are good and bad ways to make your approach and buy an existing domain from someone.

Direct contact means you can offer a non-standard payment. For example, if you get the owner’s email address through WHOIS, you can search for their email on Facebook, read their profile details, and get a sense for who they are and how you can appeal to them. (If it’s someone in the tech industry, you might offer shares in your company like Mint did or advertise their name in the footer of your site like Firefox did in the early days.)

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Video: How Brightscope Brings Transparency to the Innovation Economy


In this video, Mike Alfred from BrightScope describes how the company is helping to bring transparency to the Innovation Economy.

BrightScope is a financial information company that brings transparency to opaque markets. Delivered through web-based software, BrightScope data drives better decision-making for individual investors, corporate plan sponsors, asset managers, broker-dealers, and financial advisors. BrightScope primarily operates in two major segments: Retirement Plans and Wealth Management.