HPC Startup Silicon Wolves Moves on up to SUNY Incubator

Today the SUNY Fredonia Technology Incubator announced that the Silicon Wolves Computing Society (SWCS) will be joining their incubator program. SWCS is a consumer-friendly high-performance computing system developer and manufacturer of the most advanced workstations and computer gaming solutions on the market. The high-tech start-up company recently relocated to the Incubator from Anaheim, Calif.

We are thrilled to be in Dunkirk and affiliated with SUNY Fredonia through the Technology Incubator,” said Ryan Wolf, President of SWCS LLC. “This is a great community, and a renowned university and we are excited about our opportunities for growth.”

SWCS is a computing solutions manufacturer and integrator that conduct research and development in highly specialized computer workstations, desktops, laptops and servers, and in particular, develop and configure dedicated computing solutions for Cloud, Virtualization, HPC and Reconfigurable Computing environments.

The Incubator is all about attracting companies which are poised for substantial growth, and helping them through the process while providing them access to the resources that a nearly 6,000-student institution like SUNY Fredonia can provide,” said Robert Fritzinger, Director of the Technology Incubator. “I see a strong fit between Silicon Wolves Computing Society, the SUNY Fredonia campus, and the Incubator and I am anticipating a successful partnership.”

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ScaleArc Startup Changes how Databases are Deployed

Today ScaleArc announced a set of new customers, a growing network of national resellers, and a new U.S. office to accommodate the company’s rapidly growing global operations. The company’s software lets companies instantly scale their database environment and gain visibility into real-time SQL analytics without having to modify existing applications or databases.

We’re excited by the strong customer response we’re seeing,” said Justin Barney, president and COO of ScaleArc. “The rapid adoption of iDB validates the fundamentally different approach we’re taking to database infrastructure by giving customers a turnkey, easily deployed solution that provides instant horizontal scaling, higher availability and performance, and real-time SQL-analytics so they can instantly troubleshoot issues and speed-up database responses without requiring any modifications to existing applications or databases.”

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Why Premature Hype Kills Startups

Tara Hunt over at Inc. writes that premature hype can really kill a Startup.

The biggest issue with pushing the press buttons before you are ready for it is that the world should not be your beta lab. Robert Scoble, in a widely read rant against writing about minimum viable products, wrote: “If you’re gonna pitch me something it better provide magic.” Every company wants to get to traction and getting to traction requires spreading the word, but if the word spread is “that app sucks,” it will damage your reputation far more than waiting a few months until you can show something magical.

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Complete Guide to Getting Press for Your Startup

Angel Investor Leo Widrich has posted an excellent guide on how to get media coverage for your Startup.

Everything mentioned in this guide, should set you up for making it easy to get into this cycle of constant coverage and news mentions. Of course, the development of your startup needs to clearly follow that path. Given that you have launched with a true MVP in Lean Startup fashion, and are iterating like a madman, you shouldn’t run into any troubles to come up with a new story ever two to three weeks. If you do, work with your team and push yourself to release more stuff, more frequently.

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Slidecast: Big Switch Networks Launches Open Software-Defined Networking (SDN)


In this video, Kyle Forster from Big Switch Networks presents a technology overview of the company’s Open Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

OpenFlow and SDN have been gaining significant momentum and, as customers adopt these technologies, it is critical they look for open standards, open APIs and open source to ensure the SDN solution they implement is future-proof,” said Guido Appenzeller, Co-Founder and CEO of Big Switch Networks. “Big Switch Networks has been at the forefront of the OpenFlow standard creation, offered enterprise-grade open source SDN solutions to the community and continuously expanded its ecosystem of partners. Openness will be core to SDN success and, by relentlessly delivering it in our Open SDN™ architecture, we plan to stay ahead of the market.”

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