Slidecast: Bina – Accelerating Data-Driven Healthcare


In this slidecast, Narges Bani Asadi from a new Startup called Bina presents: Bina – Accelerating Data-Driven Healthcare.

In 2008, a renowned team of researchers at Stanford and UC Berkeley came together to solve a critical problem for cancer researchers who were severely constrained by their existing computing capabilities for large-scale data analysis. Through this work they created a new approach to the integrated co-development of statistical algorithms, software and hardware for high performance data analysis. The result was a dramatic improvement in the accuracy, computational efficiency and cost of data analysis. The team founded Bina Technologies in 2010 to bring this approach to market.”

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Bare Shelves – The Great Engineering Shortage

Jon Bischke from Entelo looks at why it is so tough to hire people with technical skills.

At a party recently a startup founder told me “If you could find me five great engineers in the next 90 days I’d pay you $400,000.” Which is crazy talk. Unless you stop to consider that Instagram’s team (mostly engineers) was valued at almost $80 million per employee or that corporate development heads often value engineers at startups they are acquiring at a half-million to million dollars per person. $400,000 actually might not be so crazy for a basketball lineup’s worth of guys who can sling Ruby or Scala code.

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Slidecast: MongoDB Overview


In this slidecast, Nosh Petigara from 10Gen presents and overview of MongoDB.

MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented database designed with both scalability and developer agility in mind. Instead of storing your data in tables and rows as you would with a relational database, in MongoDB you store JSON-like documents with dynamic schemas. The goal of MongoDB is to bridge the gap between key-value stores (which are fast and scalable) and relational databases (which have rich functionality).

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Got Ideas? New Seed Fund Matches You with Companies

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A new seed fund called 2020 seeks to match “idea people” together with companies who have big challenges to solve

We don’t take existing startups,” said co-founder Shani Shoham. “We are more focused on finding talented entrepreneurs, even before they have ideas.”

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Name Your Startup with Care

Julian Shapiro from NameLayer writes that Startups need to think twice before running off and naming their new company with the first notion that comes to mind.

I’ve learned a lot from the development of NameLayer, and I’m ready to divulge every trick in my arsenal. In this guide, I provide realistic solutions to the frustrations encountered when naming a company. Plus, I’ll have some fun analyzing both good and bad company names.

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Infographic: Where the Startup Jobs Are

This infographic comes to us from with the aim to help raise awareness of the lack of qualified people filling technical positions in Startups.

36 percent of all open jobs at startups last year were engineering or technical jobs. However, those two sectors saw only 15 percent of the overall applicant pool trying to fill those positions. This supports evidence of an ever-tightening market for specific skills out there, and the need to keep developing and attracting qualified talent to young startup companies remains critical.

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Big Opportunities for Cloud Startups

After a series of private briefings with large financial institutions, Ben Kepes from Diversity Analysis came away with some new Cloud insights.

I believe that offerings that span a number of different deployment methods and operating systems are a big area of opportunity. enStratus is a good example of a vendor dealing in this space, an company that offers organizations the ability to orchestrate, deploy and manage cloud solutions of a myriad different flavors.

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