proXPN: Free VPN for Complete Privacy

Today proXPN re-launched its site and software to provide free, unlimited 512-bit encryption for all users. Available for both Windows and Mac, proXPN utilizes the OpenVPN protocol to establish a 512-bit encryption tunnel using a 2048-bit key.

proXPN is a personal virtual private network that provides users with privacy and safety while using the internet. proXPN encrypts all data passing between your computer and our servers, including everything over Wi-Fi and even through your ISP. This offers dramatically improved protection from Wi-Fi snooping.

Completely free of charge with unlimited data downloads and uploads, proXPN also offers optional paid subscriptions with more advanced features, such as support for mobile devices and access to the VPN’s server locations worldwide. Read the Full Story.

Startup Crowdsources Your New Slogan


Do you lack the funds to hire an agency to make your company sparkle? A new Startup called Slogan Slingers pits professional writers against each other to create catchy slogans and taglines for small businesses.

Now businesses small and large can have a pool of exclusively crafted slogans and taglines at their fingertips, crafted by freelance writers from around the world. Business owners will have complete control of the process by hosting a contest on Slogan Slingers, and choosing the slogan themselves through a faster and cost-effective process.

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Slidecast: Junar – Powering the Data Economy


In this slidecast, Diego May, co-founder and CEO of Junar presents: Powering the Data Economy. The new Startup is focused on delivering the easiest-to-use, cloud-based Open Data platform and providing best practices for its clients.

Open Data is fast becoming the next defining theme for business and government because information drives innovation and collaboration,” said Diego May, CEO and co-founder of Junar. “And Junar is already the engine for hundreds of organizations who are opening data and for millions of end users who use that information today. As we rapidly move to a society dominated by information and services, Junar is busy powering that transformation and the Data Economy.”

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Panel: Why Most Music Startups Fail


In this video, Kyle Bylin leads a panel discusson on “Why Most Music Startups Fail.” Recorded at Music Biz 2012.

There are no shortage of startups working to transform how we discover, market and monetize music, but most of them will fail. Are they being defeated by licensing or are these technologists trying to fix problems that most consumers don’t really have?

Larry Marcus, Walden Venture Capital
Mike Dougherty, Jelli Radio
Joey Flores, Earbits
Brenden Mulligan, OneSheet

Fancy Hands Provides Personal Assistants on the Net

Need some help but don’t have enough work to hire someone? Joann Pan from Mashable writes that the Fancy Hands Startup offers the services of personal assistants via the web. Available around the clock, the company’s fleet of professional contractors are located throughout the U.S to do almost anything that doesn’t involve them getting up from their chairs.

The Internet came along and now it’s almost hard to remember how it was before,” said founder Ted Roden. “I want to do that for other things. In the future, I want people to say ‘For scheduling, I can’t believe I used to email back and forth.’ I want that to happen for a lot of aspects in your life.”

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The Reason Most Pitches Fail

Author Eric Ries writes that pitches usually fail because they answer the wrong questions.

Pitches usually fail because they answer the wrong questions. The right questions depend on the stage of your business—for example, some businesses are just getting started with an idea, while others are printing money. Focus your pitch on the key questions for your stage and if you keep getting non-key questions, something is wrong with your pitch. This post includes a hierarchy that you can use to classify your business and the key questions for each stage in the hierarchy.

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Video: Two New Stars from Europe’s Startup Sauna


In this video, Robert Scoble talks to two new companies from Europe’s Startup Sauna. First up is, a software company that makes a web-based data visualization applications for non-designers to create professionally designed infographics and visualizations in minutes.

The second new company is IJudgeFights, a browser-based and mobile platform that lets YOU be the judge.

ScaleArc Startup Plugs into Microsoft SQL for Instant Scalability

This week ScaleArc announced that the company’s iDB v2.0 database infrastructure software brings significant new capabilities to SQL Server environments such as instant horizontal scaling, higher availability, faster database performance, increased SQL protection and real-time query analytics.

According to ScaleArc, iDB takes a fundamentally different approach at the SQL protocol layer by providing customers with a wide spectrum of capabilities for their database environment in a single solution, without requiring any modifications to existing applications or SQL Server databases.

We simply plugged in the iDB appliance and it instantly accelerated our queries and scaled our SQL server environment without requiring hours of valuable engineering resources,” said Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, Cinchcast CTO. “Cinchcast provides solutions that allow companies to create, share, measure and monetize audio content. With iDB, we’re able to serve more ad impressions to enable greater revenues for BlogTalkRadio, a Cinchcast-powered media property, plus the iDB dashboard gives us new insights into ad traffic on the site, visibility into the most frequent queries and more, so that we can better understand the database load and how best to scale the system.”

Until now, moving to advanced architectures like multi-master, or achieving instant scale and better performance within SQL server environments, has been costly and extremely difficult to implement. iDB v2.0 for MS SQL supports a wide range of functions including Read/Write splitting, dynamic load balancing and horizontal scaling, query caching for up to 24x faster query responses, wire-speed SQL filtering and real-time instrumentation and analytics. Read the Full Story.

CapsulePen Aims to Write Happy Ending on Kickstarter

We recently asked the question: “Do non-tech Startups stand a chance?

Entrepreneur Joe Cote would also like to know the answer. He is trying to get Kickstarter support for his CapsulePen invention, the first pill container that arranges pills lengthwise in a tubular container shaped like a pen.

There are 150 million people in America on prescription medication, over 500 million in the world. CapsulePen aims to enable as many of their lives as possible, as medication non-adherence is an expensive and potentially deadly problem, resulting in 89,000 deaths and $100 billion per year in unnecessary hospital costs.

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