ScaleArc Startup Plugs into Microsoft SQL for Instant Scalability

This week ScaleArc announced that the company’s iDB v2.0 database infrastructure software brings significant new capabilities to SQL Server environments such as instant horizontal scaling, higher availability, faster database performance, increased SQL protection and real-time query analytics.

According to ScaleArc, iDB takes a fundamentally different approach at the SQL protocol layer by providing customers with a wide spectrum of capabilities for their database environment in a single solution, without requiring any modifications to existing applications or SQL Server databases.

We simply plugged in the iDB appliance and it instantly accelerated our queries and scaled our SQL server environment without requiring hours of valuable engineering resources,” said Dr. Aleksandr Yampolskiy, Cinchcast CTO. “Cinchcast provides solutions that allow companies to create, share, measure and monetize audio content. With iDB, we’re able to serve more ad impressions to enable greater revenues for BlogTalkRadio, a Cinchcast-powered media property, plus the iDB dashboard gives us new insights into ad traffic on the site, visibility into the most frequent queries and more, so that we can better understand the database load and how best to scale the system.”

Until now, moving to advanced architectures like multi-master, or achieving instant scale and better performance within SQL server environments, has been costly and extremely difficult to implement. iDB v2.0 for MS SQL supports a wide range of functions including Read/Write splitting, dynamic load balancing and horizontal scaling, query caching for up to 24x faster query responses, wire-speed SQL filtering and real-time instrumentation and analytics. Read the Full Story.

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