Crafting your Startup’s Mission Statement

Author Mark Di Vincenzo writes that your Startup’s mission statement needs to get right to the point.

Be succinct. The hardest part about answering those questions is doing it in as few words as possible. The best mission statements are 30 words or less because brief mission statements will actually be read—and remembered. Avon’s mission statement is 240 words long; H&R Block’s is 273 words. How many people know what those statements really say? The medical supplier Becton, Dickinson and Company’s mission statement is “To help all people live healthy lives.” That statement says a lot in seven words.

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Video: Israel – A Nation of Startups

In this video, Startup investor Yossi Vardi talks about the corporate startups in Israel, the nation’s technology industry, prospects for more takeovers of Israeli companies and the outlook for peace in the Middle East. Vardi spoke with Bloomberg’s Elliott Gotkine at the “Innovate Israel” conference in London on Bloomberg Television’s “Bottom Line.”

Sumazi Startup Connects You With People You Should Know


In this video, the good folks from Sumazi show you how their Startup intelligently connects you to the people you don’t know but should.

We leverage your personal and extended networks to discover and introduce you to the people and opportunities that can potentially change your world.

Sumazi was founded by Sun Microsystems alum Sumaya Kazi. The service is currently in Beta, but it looks to be launching shortly.