Selling Your Startup against Competitors

Over at Inc., Georffrey James writes that there is an art to selling against your competitors.

Suppose you’re selling for a start-up and your competitor is a large established firm. And let’s suppose you know from your research that the competitor’s customer service department is often high-handed and annoying. By contrast, your firm is famously easy to work with, which is your competitive advantage. Your challenge is to point out your competitive advantage without rubbishing the competition.

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Video: Data Science Comes to Portland for Innovators Anonymous Workshop


In this video, Thomas Thurston from Growth Science International and a host of thought leaders describe how Data Science enables informed business decisions. Speakers include: Brandon Barnett (Intel), Rich Brueckner (insideHPC), Muki Hansteen-Izora (Intel), Torsten Hoefler (NSCA), and Fabrizio Petrini (IBM TJ Watson).

The video was produced by for the first annual Innovators Anonymous Workshop in Portland, Oregon.

Portland PDX Event Could be the Next SXSW

Over at Fortune, John Patrick Pullen writes that the Tech world may have just found the next SXSW.

Called Portland Digital eXperience (PDX) and running Sept. 6–8, the programming will be feature discussions and presentations from international speakers as well as locals. Along the lines of regional events like Big Omaha and Thinc Iowa, MusicFestNW/PDX is designed to be more intimate than SXSW, and will only have one track of — and therefore no competing — events.

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Hurdles of the Startup Marathon

Over at Funders and Founders, Anna Vital writes that building a Startup is marathon, not a sprint race.

This is a marathon, with hurdles. The startup marathon is one without a definitely route. At many points of it, you will find yourself wondring about the routes you should take, and sometimes whether it is worth running at all. Here is a simple roadmap of the dilemmas you will have to wade through on your way to a successful startup.

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Launching a Startup from Your Dormroom

Karim Aboelnaga writes that the key to successfully launching a Startup is do things in right order.

The main reason entrepreneurial ventures fail is because of a lack of execution. I started my first venture at the age of 13. In hindsight, my internet startup failed because I was missing the most important ingredient to running a company: other people. This included customers, co- founders and investors.

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Call for Participation in Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR)


Got Exascale ideas? In this video, Thomas Ndousse-Fetter from the DoE Department of Science announces a Call for Participation in the Small Business Innovation Research and Small Business Technology Transfer programs (SBR/STTR). The programs are designed for small businesses that want to get involved in the Exascale technology development ecosystem. Recorded at the Hot Interconnects 2012 Conference.

A Technology Transfer Opportunity (TTO) is an opportunity to leverage technology that has been developed at a DOE National Laboratory. Each TTO will be described in a particular subtopic and additional information may be obtained by using the link in the subtopic to the DOE National Laboratory that has developed the technology. Typically the technology was developed with DOE funding of either basic or applied research at a DOE National Laboratory and is available for transfer to the private sector. The level of technology maturity will vary and applicants are encouraged to contact the appropriate Laboratory prior to submitting an application.”


This video provides and overview of the DOE’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs.

Download the newly updated program description (PDF).

Video: Reltio Startup Powers Real-Time Big Data with Cassandra


In this video, Manish Sood from the Reltio Startup presents: Cassandra – A Real Time Big Data Application. Recorded at the Cassandra 2012 Summit.

Reltio provides the world’s largest enterprise customers with real-time Big Data Applications that help business users understand markets, drive revenue and reduce risk through actionable, real-time and predictive insights integrated into applications and dashboards. These applications require the ability to not only handle data scale, latency, and high availability but also deliver capabilities that address reconciliation of data from multiple sources, handle multiple dimensions (various entities, relationships and interaction data) of varying complexity, with the ability to track audit and bi-temporal data. To solve this challenge, Reltio leverages Cassandra as the enabling data store for multi-tenancy, complex attribute structures, graph storage, real-time search and analytics. These capabilities are delivered as a Service to customers across verticals to address scenarios such as Extended Client views, Client experience & engagement, and Risk & Compliance.

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