Totella Startup Shares the Story of the Sikh Tragedy

A new Startup called Totella is an effort by three Sikh entrepreneurs to enable people to share the stories that make up their lives. As an open media platform, the site was launched to share the story of the August 5th Sikh massacre in Wisconsin by a white supremacist.

Totella has been in development for more than six months and we planned our soft launch this week,” said Paul Singh, founder and CEO of Totella. When the shooting occurred at a Sikh gurdwara in Wisconsin last Sunday, killing 6 people of my faith, our team was compelled to tell the world the story of the tragedy that befell our country. Our entire team, which consists of three founders from the Sikh faith, has worked day and night to launch Totella to the world, escalating the launch to Friday August 10th.”

According to Singh, Totella was founded to address a gap in storytelling. While many stories about people, places and events make up the world around us, the Internet until now has only let us see fragments of these stories in a variety of locations. We rarely got to see the whole story in one place. Totella changes that. The platform was developed To-tell-a…story, so that each smaller voice can be heard and sewn into one fabric to tell the whole story.

Totella is in pre-beta at the moment, but inside-Startups plans to record a podcast with the founders when the site is open for new users. Read the Full Story.

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