Quick Quotes From The New OnStartups Book

The good folks at OnStartups have been at it for over seven years, providing news and insight to the community. Now they’ve pulled some the best feature articles into an eBook called Advice and Insights for Entrepreneurs from Hyperlink Press.

Here are some good snippets from the eBook:

  • A startup lives and dies by its customers. Not some marketer’s initial conception of who the customer should be and what the customer should want.
  • Coca-Cola needs people to have a warm-fuzzy when staring at a shelf full of sugar water; you just need sales.
  • If it requires a spreadsheet to figure out the sales commission, it’s too hard.
  • Sales people will generally act in mostly rational (but often surprising) ways based on incentives.
  • ALWAYS connect incentives somehow to ultimate customer happiness.

Check out the eBook on Amazon.

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