Startup Thinking for the Long Term

Wade Foster from Zapier asks the question: “Are You Really Sure You’re Ready to Start a Startup?”

Look back at any 7 year period in your life. You can probably count several major life events in any 7 year period. So when you begin a startup, make sure to think long term. Will you still want to do this if a family member gets sick? Will you want to do this if you have kids? Will you want to do this when _____ happens? If the answer is “no”, then you’ve saved yourself a lot of unnecessary heartache. You should seriously think twice before starting your own startup.

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Fit Radio Gets Funded to Power Your Workout

FIT Radio launched its Android and iPhone applications in July of 2011. Now, with a successful Fundable campaign, this Startup is reportedly all set to develop a set of improvements.

It takes a lot of time and energy to search for and download music for your workout. What you typically listen to throughout the day may not be what keeps you moving at the gym. Other streaming music apps give you one song at a time and have no control over BPMs (beats per minute) – Pandora, for example, will give you a fast, upbeat song but it will be followed by a slow, drawn out song that in no way matches the rhythm of the song you just previously heard. Spotify is just like iTunes, it lets you decide what you want to hear. However, flipping through songs can be very distracting when you’re trying to reach your goal of a seven-minute mile.

Tours of Duty for the Everyman Entrepreneur

Are today’s workers entrepreneurs by nature? Over at Inc. Magazine, Jana Kasperkevic writes that Millennials have disrupted the labor market, making it acceptable to job hop and complete “tours of duty” until a better offer comes along.

With loyalty no longer a part of the equation, being an employee in the modern workplace isn’t all that different from being an entrepreneur. Uncertainty and volatility is part of the game. There’s no guarantee of a promotion or pay raise.

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Video: Leveraging Lean Analytics With Advanced Social Media Monitoring

In this video, CRM Software analyst Ashley Verrill discusses “Lean Analytics” with author and veteran entrepreneur Alistair Croll.

Lean Analytics is the dashboard for every stage of your business, from validating whether a problem is real, to identifying your customers, to deciding what to build, to positioning yourself favorably with a potential acquirer. It can’t force you to act on data–but it can put that data front and center, making it harder for you to ignore, and preventing you from driving off the road entirely.