5 Lessons Learned from a 5-Year Entrepreneur

erik_photoErik Wolf has posted his lessons learned after five years of being an entrepreneur:

“Sales” doesn’t work. Everyone hates the “buy me” salesperson — that guy or gal armed with a briefcase full of brochures, hurling business cards at every warm body they see as if they were throwing stars, pitching product to anyone who will listen. So why is is that at some point, just about every small business owner BECOMES that person? Obviously, we all need to sell stuff in order to feed our families, but I’ve found that my business is most profitable when I stop pushing to sell and try actively to help instead. Nobody cares what I’m selling them, nobody cares about the features of MY service the way I do and no one is going to read my brochure. My customers are business owners with needs, challenges and sometimes problems. Understanding those needs/challenges/problems and articulating solutions is how I have always managed to demonstrate value and win business.

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