X-ARM Startup Launches “Toughest 3 Minutes in Sports”

XARM is new a 3-minute game for men 18-35 and based on the oldest sport in the book – arm wrestling but with a twist. Developed by Art Davie, the entreprenuer behind the UFC fighting franshise, XARM is described as the first sport created to exploit digital media.

Is there any young man who has not yet challenged his buds to an arm wrestle? XARM is EXTREME arm wrestling that uses all body parts not locked into a one-arm grip to win three of the one-minute rounds, martial arts style.

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Video: How Cloudability Tracks Your Cloud Usage

In this video, J.R. Storment from Cloudability describes how the company helps clients track and optimize their Cloud Computing expenditures.

PaaS, IaaS, SaaS, we’ve got you covered. Use Cloudability to bring all your cloud costs into one place so you can save time, reduce waste and nip overages in the bud. Because the cloud is infinitely scalable but your dollars are not.

This video was recorded on January 17, 2012 at the Pie PDX Demo day in Portland, Oregon. Read the Full Story.

Video: PawnGo Startup Makes it Easy to Get Quick Loans from Home

In this video, Todd Hills, CEO and founder of Pawngo.com describes how his company became the first full-service online pawn shop in the US.

Pawngo allows individuals immediate access to the cash they need for life’s countless unexpected moments without leaving the comfort of their homes. As evidence of the market for this unique lending model, the company to-date has funded over $5 million in 48 states.