Site Ai Provides Automated Insights from Your Web Analytics

Over at TechCrunch, Anthony Ha writes that Automated Insights’ new product called Site Ai pulls data from existing systems such as Google Analytics and then summarizes that data into normal sentences.

With a Site Ai summary, you shouldn’t have to do too much thinking. As the company name implies, all of the summaries are automatically generated by Automated Insights’ technology, not people. Allen told me that’s a big challenge: “Turning data into text is difficult because it requires marrying two skills that traditionally don’t play well with each other: programming and writing.” The reason Allen said he can do it is because he has a background in both technology (he worked at Cisco and has degrees from MIT in computer science), but also in writing (he’s the author of a number of books published by O’Reilly).

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Slidecast: Versium Real-Life Data Intelligence Platform

In this slidecast, Chris Matty from Versium describes the company’s Real-Life Data Intelligence Platform.

In consumer marketing, LifeData allows ever-narrower segmentation of customers and therefore much more precisely tailored products or services. Greater real life insights about people and businesses enable optimized communication strategies. Sophisticated analytics can predict behavior and greatly improve decision-making. LifeData can make existing applications more intelligent and enable entirely new ones. Versium’s powerful data intelligence platform enables all of this and more.”

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Slidecast: Get 2know – Big Data For The Shared Economy

In this slidecast, Guy Fraker presents: get2know – Big Data for the Shared Economy.

With shared rides, cars, bikes, and even rooms, the issue of trust is huge. The folks at get2know have a developed a “Trust Engine” that uses Big Data to help you decide who you trust to share your stuff. Amazing!

As we build out to scale, we’ll provide a playground for alliance partners to reward consumers who utilize shared services in postive ways. We will deliver a searchable aggregated view of shared economy providers WITH utilization incentives. By doing both in a single view, using single sign-on, we provide an economic reason to be scored. We believe that by partnering with the Collaborative Consumption community, a market is created where no user asks, “ok- I got my score- now what?” get2kno is about creating a market, not building a platform.”

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Algorithm Predicts Whether Startups Will Succeed

Over at Oregon Business, Linda Baker writes that Thomas Thurston from Growth Science has created a model that accurately predicts whether or not a Startup will succeed.

How does Thurston’s model work? It’s rooted in the mountains of data he has collected on market and corporate dynamics, including the anticipation of future changes in the marketplace. Patterns of success or failure then emerge depending on these different market and business behavior factors. “The key is identifying variables that are predictive of success and failure,” says Thurston, who is very hush-hush about revealing those variables. It’s a process that involves “lots of hard, hard work,” he says. “You go through a whole haystack to find one needle.”

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ScaleOut hServer Opens Up Hadoop Analysis for Live Data

Today ScaleOut announced their new hServer, the first in a series of products from ScaleOut Software that is filling in the need for real-time analytics with Hadoop.

While it’s a powerful platform for analyzing large, static data sets, Hadoop has always been limited by its inability to perform analytics on live data,” said Bill Bain, ScaleOut Software CEO. “There is an increasing drumbeat for real-time analytics using Hadoop, and we’re excited to take an important step towards meeting that need with this release.”

ScaleOut hServer will be available in both a free community edition and in several commercial editions. The community edition enables up to a four-server combined Hadoop/hServer grid for analyzing memory-based data sets of up to 256GB. Read the Full Story or check out our podcast interview with Bill Bain.

Video: Lean Analytics – Using Data to Build a Better Startup Faster

In this video, author Alistair Croll explains the concepts of his book, Lean Analytics. Croll strongly advises startups to pick the one metric that matters the most and to focus on it.

This talk was hosted by MaRS, a Canadian organization that provides resources — people, programs, physical facilities, funding and networks — to ensure that critical innovation happens.

Entering the Era of the Moneyball VC

Will Big Data analytics change the world of venture capital? Over at Xconomy, Benjamin Romano writes that we have entered the era of the Moneyball VC.

Over the last seven years, Thomas Thurston has been developing algorithms—first at Intel Capital, and later in collaboration with Harvard professor Clayton Christensen, and under his own shingle at Growth Science in Portland, OR—to model markets and business behavior, and thereby predict the success or failure of a given innovation. Now he is joining Hambrecht-led venture fund Ironstone Group as a partner to try this method in a venture capital industry increasingly open to data-driven approaches.

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SiSense Wins Award with Big Data Analytics for Less

In this video, Bruno Aziza from SiSense describes the company’s Big Data analytics technology, which won the People’s Choice Award this year at the Strata Startup Showcase in Santa Clara. The company wowed attendees with its ability to crunch 10 terabytes of data on a single-node machine in 10 seconds.

By utilizing state-of-the-art technology and a unique business model, we aim to completely change the current reality in which only Fortune 500 companies can benefit from high-quality, scalable BI solutions. The time has come for every company to have access to full-fledged BI without compromising on functionality, scalability, manageability, flexibility, governance, collaboration or ease-of-use.

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