Video: How Self-Driving Cars will Change Everything

robocarIn this presentation from the Fujitsu Labs America Technology Day 2013, Brad Templeton from Singularity University presents: IPP Robocars – Where They Will Drive Us.

I have to say I was not very intrigued by the idea of self-driving cars before I saw this talk, but Templeton totally changed my mind. I’m now convinced that this technology will not only change the way we get around in the future, but it will also be a prime mover for a whole new world of Startup innovation in the future.

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Turnstyle Solutions Tracks Customer Smart Phones in Your Store

Over at The Globe and Mail, Ivor Tossell writes that Toronto’s Turnstyle Solutions Startup is taking a groundbreaking approach to giving merchants a sense of how people are interacting with their stores. By using the WiFi transmissions from customer smartphones, Turnstyle lets you track – but not identify – customers as they enter and explore brick and mortar shops.

Turnstyle’s system is essentially a listening post: a customized WiFi base station that listens in as smartphones broadcast their MAC addresses as they look for hotspots. In the interests of privacy, the system immediately forgets the code itself, “hashing” it into a unique identifier that can’t be traced to an individual. But it will remember if the same (anonymized) smartphone returns for another visit. If clients use multiple base stations, Turnstyle can use users’ relative signal strength to determine where in the store they are.

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Video: Millennials and Successful Startups

In this video, Chelsea Krost meet millenials that took their career in to their own hands with Successful start-ups and million dollar ideas. Startups profiled include Dreamwater, LineRocket Entertainment, Go Try it On, and Wello.

The Chelsea Krost Show provides a platform for today’s hot topics, trends and issues that affect Millennials. Chelsea aims to use this platform to bridge the communication gap between children and their parents, creating a more open, honest dialogue that viewers can relate to in their own lives.

Fit Radio Gets Funded to Power Your Workout

FIT Radio launched its Android and iPhone applications in July of 2011. Now, with a successful Fundable campaign, this Startup is reportedly all set to develop a set of improvements.

It takes a lot of time and energy to search for and download music for your workout. What you typically listen to throughout the day may not be what keeps you moving at the gym. Other streaming music apps give you one song at a time and have no control over BPMs (beats per minute) – Pandora, for example, will give you a fast, upbeat song but it will be followed by a slow, drawn out song that in no way matches the rhythm of the song you just previously heard. Spotify is just like iTunes, it lets you decide what you want to hear. However, flipping through songs can be very distracting when you’re trying to reach your goal of a seven-minute mile.

Lively System Helps you Keep Tabs on the Elderly

WFLA-TV Newschannel 8

In this video, beta customers try out the Lively System, a new Startup that offers the ability to monitor the well-being of elderly relatives through the use of sensors placed in the home.

Instead of always telling your family that you’re fine, Lively lets you show them. It’s an activity sharing experience. Not ‘big brother’ monitoring. You’re in control of how you want to stay independent and connected. And sharing your activity lets your family notice the first signs of any change in your normal routine that makes you and them feel safer.

Video: Fashion Tech Startups Shake Up the Industry

In this video, Fashion Tech entrepreneurs work to give the fashion industry a digital upgrade.

Amanda Graber is the co-founder of Notorious, a fashion-advice startup that links users with stylists and what they call “fashion influencers.” Rishi Prabhu is one of the founders of Bespoke Post, a lifestyle subscription service for men. We also meet Jose De Cabo, co-founder of Olapic, which aggregates user-generated photos for brands.

Did You Take Your Meds? Medisafe Reminds from the Cloud

In this video, the MediSafe Project is described as a system targeted to help you and your family take your medication on time and safely.

MediSafe Project’s co-founding brothers started the company when their diabetic father double-dosed on insulin and suffered an emergency. They understood if they were more involved in reviewing their father’s daily medication and insulin regimens, it could change his behavior for the better and help him get healthier. MediSafe Project reduces hospitalization and mortality, and increases medication compliance and health. It allows families, friends and caretakers to have peace of mind their loved ones are taking medications on time, even when they can’t be there.

Medisafe Apps are available for download. Read the Full Story.

If You Want Customers to Come, iDevices Will Build It

Why be a prisoner in the kitchen? The iGrill is an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth meat thermometer that allows you to monitor your food from up to 200 feet away. Developed by iDevices, the iGrill is just an example of the kind of useful apps that iDevices can develop for you.

If your company needs to app-enable a product, develop a new product, or create a custom application, iDevices offers innovations and inventions for the future. We have integrated all required resources in-house to create and launch app-enabled products both independently and with partner companies. Consumer product companies and hard-good manufacturers seek out iDevices to provide strategic direction and development support for the incorporation of WiFi and Bluetooth® connectivity to mobile platforms and tablets for their products.

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GoodSync Aggregates Free Cloud Storage

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A new site called GoodSync asks the question: What if you could take advantage of the free storage space offered by several services and seamlessly integrate syncs between those services?

GoodSync backs up and synchronizes files between all your desktops, laptops, servers, and external drives. With GoodSync, users of Microsoft SkyDrive (7GB free storage), Amazon Cloud Drive (5GB free storage), and Google Drive (5GB free storage) can effortlessly coordinate syncs between online services totaling 17GB of free online storage. All your syncs will be neatly packaged in one place—your GoodSync desktop application. Plus, you won’t be incurring any additional fees.

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