Video: Bill Draper on the Partnerhips of VCs and Entrepreneurs

In this video, author Bill Draper looks at the partnership between venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.

The Startup Game” covers Bill Draper’s forty years of experience and describes how vital the relationship between venture capitalist and entrepreneur is to the future of business, and offers lessons culled from decades of working in the technology center of the world. Draper extracts lessons and advice that only a lifetime in the field can provide—from the necessary qualities any successful entrepreneur must possess to the importance of friendship and family in the business world. He provides candid descriptions of his own successes and failures in venture capital and public service, and writes passionately about the important role government can—and in his view should—play in encouraging new businesses in the United States.

Video: John Cleese on How to be More Creative

Over at Presentation Zen, Garr Reynolds has written up a summary of this famous John Cleese talk on Creativity. In a nutshell, Cleese says that Creativity is not a talent, but a way of operating.

Cleese says that we can describe the way people function at work in terms of two basic modes: open and closed — and creativity is not possible in the closed mode. The closed mode is the one we are in most of the time at work, running around busy in an “active…slightly anxious mode.” The closed mode is not a bad thing, of course, and is often crucial for getting things done — but it is not creative.

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