Big Data Startup Profitero Named IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year

This week Big Data Startup Profitero won the SmartCamp competition and became IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year.

We are honored to be named the IBM Global Entrepreneur of the Year,” said Volodymyr Pigrukh, chief executive officer and co-founder, Profitero. “Our solution is a natural complement to IBM’s smarter commerce strategy. We are looking forward to working with IBM and its network of technical experts, business partners, venture capitalists, academics and clients to capture our share of the smarter commerce opportunity.”

Profitero analyzes competitor pricing data, offering retailers new levels of insight to help them maximize profits by adjusting pricing and merchandising strategies. Read the Full Story.

Video: CareZone Startup Lead by Sun’s Jonathan Schwartz Helps You Care for Family Members

In this video, Robert Scoble interviews Jonathan Schwartz, Chief Executive Officer of CareZone. The company provides a safe, private place to organize, store and manage everything associated with caring for a family member.

Caring for someone in need is the world’s most important job.

As a technologist, I wanted to make that job simpler. But why was it so hard to find a place to get organized, to manage small details and important information, store important documents, or just coordinate with other members of my family? Because organizing and managing a loved one’s information, such as a child’s or your parents’, is different than managing your own information. And as wonderful as today’s tools are in keeping you connected with your friends or colleagues, they’re based on a business model that doesn’t work for private, family information.

Schwartz was an active blogger at Sun Microsystems and it looks like he has taken the pen back up to carry the message for this new venture. Check out the CareZone Blog for more information.

Slidecast: BrandYourself Startup Lets You Control Your Own Google Results

In this slidecast, Patrick Ambron from BrandYourself describes how the company lets you control your own Google results.

Like any good company, BrandYourself started as a problem that turned into a mission we just couldn’t ignore. We hated the fact that reputation firms purposely mystified the Search Engine Optimization process, making their customers feel trapped. We hated that these firms overcharged customers for something they could easily do themselves if they simply had a platform that educated and empowered them to do so.

So we made it our mission to create a Do-It-Yourself platform that makes it easy for anyone to take control of their own search results without any price or technical barrier. We’ve been working around the clock for over a year putting together the team, expertise and building the platform you can use for free today.

I tried out the BrandYourself process and I found it to be very easy to set up. If you have a stake in what people see when they Google your name, I highly recommend you get on the site and sign up.

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